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Latest Updates

March 2018

Current Progress

  • New PE store blockwork complete
  • PE store roof joists installed
  • Demolition to existing building complete
  • Piling works have commenced and are on going

Future Works

  • Single ply roof works to PE store
  • Internal insulation and screed to PE store
  • Render works to PE store
  • Foundations and bolt boxes to new 6th form block
  • Steel frame to new 6th form block

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February 2018

Current Progress

  • Site set up complete
  • Excavate new PE store foundations
  • New PE store slab preparation
  • Demolition of existing store commenced

Future Works

  • Pour PE store foundations
  • New floor construction to the PE store
  • Demolition of existing building on going

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20th February 2018
Ground Breaking Event

On Tuesday 20th February we joined forces with EG Carters & Co Ltd to host a ground-breaking event marking the start of the construction of our new Sixth Form Centre and Library and the associated refurbishment programme. The ceremony provided a fantastic opportunity for staff, students, donors and the design and construction teams to come together, don hard-hats and high-vis jackets and pose for photos around an excavator. Everyone had smiles on their faces especially those chosen to sit on the excavator!

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