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Annual Fund 2014-15 'Riding the Rapids'

Riding the Rapids

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Hall Improvements                   

LecternsOur hall as a presentation venue needs upgrading; the stage curtains are worn, the projector and screen are old, the AV set up is unreliable and awkward, and the lecterns have no AV capacity and are not height adjustable. We intend to rectify all of these issues by upgrading the hall to provide a much better presentation facility for both the audience and those presenting. The hall is used for this purpose several times a week and is well overdue having some attention paid to it. We intend to replace the stage curtains, buy a new much better projector, replace the screen, install a new AV suite and purchase new height adjustable lecterns that can be used by everyone, from year 7s up to adults. We also intend to repair and improve the front of the under-stage storage cupboards.

Hall upgrade complete - new AV suite, new lecterns, new screen, new curtains. 


 We need to replace or restore our very old practice pianos in the music department. practice pianoWe are very fortunate to have been able to replace one piano already due to a very kind donation in memory of John Elvan Rees. However, we still have another 2 pianos in extremely poor condition which need replacing and a very good piano, which needs some restoration work. The pianos are the workhorses of the music department; they are used not only by our pianists but also in support of all of our instrumentalist and vocalists, in fact all of our musicians of all ages. We desperately need to replace the two poorest instruments as soon as possible and arrange for the other to have some much needed work carried out.

Latest News: Final piano purchased.


OscilloscopesWe are currently using old oscilloscopes of a variety of different models that are extremely fiddly and complex to set up. We can lose up to a quarter of a lesson while students and staff spend time making sure they are set up properly. The lack of consistency amongst the models worsens the scenario in that there is no quick answer to all the problems being experienced and peer to peer support doesn’t help, as adjacent students can be using different models. A new set of digital oscilloscopes (a minimum of 20) will follow the more expected operating procedure of ‘switch on and use’; we will gain a significant amount of lesson time back. We currently use our oscilloscopes for year 10 upwards, however ease of use of these new oscilloscopes will enable us to allow younger year groups to use them too. These new oscilloscopes will be hugely appreciated amongst both the staff and the students.

Latest News: Complete. Thank you to Comspace Ltd for their donation enabling us to purchase 10.

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“A Work of Art and Science”

A visually stunning presentation of the periodic table in which each element is displayed as a sample and is individually embedded inside a beautiful solid lucite block. It will be a fantastic teaching and learning aid at various stages through school from Y7 to13, so will be in regular use. It will captivate and inspire students at the school and make the periodic table ‘real’!


periodic table



 Something that would really benefit the art department, and keep us up to date with current trends in Art teaching.... is digital photography. This is becoming a huge part of the Art curriculum in other schools due to demand from students. We know, from previous investigations and what students have directly asked us, that there is keen interest from students wanting to do digital photography as part of the Fine Art programme of study that we run at GCSE and A Level. 

Latest News: 5 x cameras, 2 x tablets, 1 x tripod, 1 x spotlight and a UV light box purchased. A huge thank you to the Parents' Association for purchasing these items.



goalsWe need to replace our old football goals with new aluminium goal posts and nets. Many of our students including our girls play football. These are much needed and would be a fabulous asset to the Sports Department.




 Latest News: purchased and in use.


We continue to invest in resources to support these particular fields, including:

Additional Sixth Form Study Space


sixth form study

Our sixth form study centre is well used and can get very busy. We need to provide additional facilities to enable private study, equipped with computers.

Latest News: Sixth form study centre extended and additional computers supplied.






Each year our students enter a wide variety of competitions across a variety of subjects.  We are very proud that our students often do particularly well in such competitions. Inevitably going on to compete at higher levels often results in additional travel and accommodation and such eventualities are becoming increasingly difficult to provide for. We would like to include a small element of the Annual Fund to enable our support of such fantastic achievements.

Student Council Idea

Our students have suggested that they would like a drinks vending machine in the main school that uses the biometric readers to enable payment. We think this is a great idea and are currently investigating the feasibility and cost of such a machine.





































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