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Annual Fund 2013-14: 'Dancing in the Rain'

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We are absolutely delighted with the results of this year's Annual Fund. Thank you so much to everyone who has / is supporting the Fund. We already have a huge wish list for next year which we are looking to cut down to an achievable level. Fantastically however, due to the success of this years' fund, we will be able to make a start over the summer holidays and our students will continue to benefit as early as possible from the generosity of our community. News on next year's targets will be available shortly.

1. Physics Laboratory - Completed following a grant awarded as a result of a successful bid to the Wolfson Foundation and CHK Charities, direct parental and alumni donations, Parents' Association donation and sponsorship from the Commercial Group. THANK YOU ALL!

In consultation with the Physics Department we have designed a laboratory ideally suited to the flexible nature and requirements of 21st century teaching methods. It incorporates innovative features to fully maximise the teaching and learning benefits of practical lessons.

B114 after2 

New Physics Lab

2. Minibus

IMG 3080 edit comp

COMPLETE - again huge thanks to our Parents’ Association who work incredibly hard to support us. As a result we have a brand new 17 seat minibus. It is already in great demand.








We are delighted to have been able to purchase an iMac for the recording studio in Music.

This is such a fantastic resource for us and we couldn’t have even considered it without the Annual Fund.

We have also purchased 10 additional flip cams, adding to the 10 we already had. They are heavily used across many subjects and available from the library.

The additional bank allows for 2 classes at once to use them or re-charging time.

DSC 1309 comp Flip Cam

We have also re-equipped the sixth form study centre with new widescreen monitors. This was something we have wanted to do for some time but have not had the funding. The Annual Fund has enabled to us to finally fit out the study centre as we wished.



4. Performing Arts - Intelligent lighting – COMPLETE, due to a generous donation from the Parents’ Association - Thank You!  

We have purchased 2 intelligent wash lights. These can be controlled remotely and are portable. They have an amazing repertoire of effects and our tech crew have fully grasped their potential.


IMG 5192 comp

5. Additional Private Study Facilities - COMPLETE. THANK YOU!

Our sixth form study area is popular and can get very busy. Our students brought to our attention the requirement for additional quiet private study space. We have been able to meet this need and purchased additional tables and chairs for the library.

Please support us - Annual Fund 2014 -15

We will be seeking additional funding wherever opportunities arise but again we will be looking towards our parents and our alumni, to add that final, vital input that means that our children will benefit from continually improving facilities allowing us to provide them with the best possible educational experience.

We are being even more ambitious for our Annual Fund 2014 -15, Riding the Rapids. Further information about these goals can be found here. We cannot hope to fund these essential projects without your help. Please continue to support us, consider donating again if you have done so in the past or join our wonderful supporters it you have not already done so. We need each and every donation: the students in our care are worth every penny!

Further information about how you can support the Annual Fund is available here.


We are incredibly grateful to the following for their donations towards the Annual Fund 2013-14:

Mr T Allen

Mr T Allinson

Mr & Mrs W Ascham

Mr C Bagnall

Mr & Mrs N L Baker

Mr & Mrs J Banister

Ann Barradell-Black

John and Jane Barben

Mr G Barnes

Mr P Beardsmore

Mrs J Buckland

Mr & Mrs N J Bumford

Mr C Cash

Mr & Mrs J Chalklin 

Mr C Cheetham & Ms R Paul

Mrs C Collins

Mr & Dr G Combe

Mrs & Mrs N Cottell

Ms Rachel Court

Mr R Cowley

Mr & Mrs D Cox

Mr N Cox

Mr J Delaney

Mr R Dixon

Professor Alison Donnell

Mr R Ellicott

Mrs M Elsey

Graham & Ros Englefield

Mr & Mrs Flack

Mr & Mrs D P Fraser

Geraint and Cherith Fuller

Mr J & Mrs T Gilchrist

Mrs A Gordon

Mrs C Gurnham

Mr W Harcourt

Mr & Mrs D Hards

Joanna Hargreaves

Mrs J Harvey

Linda and Tom Hatherell

Mr G Hawke  

Dr Martin F Heyworth

Mr & Mrs A Hope

Mr & Mrs B G Hulatt

Mr & Mrs Hutton-Potts

Mrs P Jones

Mr & Mrs A P Kenmir  

Mr N D & Mrs C J Kent

Janice and Simon Kent

Mr M Khatib

Mr & Mrs C Liddiard

Mr & Mrs Locke

Mr D Lyall

Mr & Mrs H Marshall

Mr D Martin

Dr W Miles

Mr & Mrs D M Mitchell

Mr P Molloy

Mrs J Murday

Mr G Noble

H Norbury & C Ivimy

Mrs L Nutting

Miss S Oakley

Mr & Mrs A Park

Mr J Parker

Mr W Parkinson

Mike & Jane Phillips

C&D Soft Pretzel Ltd

Mr O G Price

Mrs A Quiney

Dr N Raghava

Iain and Louise Rayner

Mr & Mrs P J Rayson

Mrs Jean Ringrose

Mr & Mrs G Rowcraft

Mr & Mrs S R Sayers

Mr N Sharman

Mr J Sharpe

Mr & Mrs Shelmerdine

Mr & Mrs Silverthorne

Mrs S Simkins

Dr R Sivasubramanyam

Mr S & Dr V Smellie

Mr & Mrs Speak

Mr J Spencer

Mr & Mrs D Tansley

Mr & Mrs C Taylor

Mr G & Mrs J Templeton

Mr & Mrs C Torr

Mr R & Mrs N Torrance

Mr & Dr Towle

Dr R Tribley

TVM Cheltenham Ltd (Catherine Frost and Kevin O’Leary)

Dr & Mrs P K Underhill

Dr M Vellayan

Mr A Waite

Mr & Mrs P G Waldron

Mr & Mrs P Wall

Mr A & Mrs M Wantling

Mr & Mrs W Watts

Mr & Mrs J Wood

Mr & Mrs Wray

We would also thank those who have supported the Annual Fund but have chosen not to have their names published. In addition we have received fantastic support from the Wolfson Foundation, our Parents' Association, CHK Charities and the Commercial Group. We are very grateful to all.

Thank You!


























































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