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The Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts happens every year in Cheltenham in May and this year its celebrating 90th year of being not only Cheltenham’s oldest festival, but also the south west’s largest community arts festival. The festival started on 3rd May and runs till 15th May 2016 at Cheltenham Town Hall and other venues across the town. Hundreds of children, adults, choirs and dance groups showcase their talents by competing in various categories and age group.

This year, Maya Horwood and Thrinethra Gowri Shankar (both 9Y) entered the National Solo Dance Competition (age group – 13 :14) category on Monday, 9th May in Cheltenham Town Hall showcasing their dance skills by performing Bulgarian National Dance and South Indian National Dance – Bharatanatyam. Congratulations to Maya who won 1st and Thrinethra who won 2nd Place in their category and received Gold and Silver medals along with a certificate from Craig Bartley, who is an adjudicator for the ‘The British and International Federation of Festivals’.

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