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On the fifth of January, Pate’s was lucky enough to host two speakers from the National Council of Women: Barbara Maddison and Jenny Raw. The event, which took place during lunchtime, in association with the Amnesty International Group and the Feminist Society, attracted a diverse range of like-minded individuals. Barbara Maddison introduced the non-governmental organisation, outlining the history of the National Council of Women, which spans over one hundred years. It was founded in 1895 in response to the poor working conditions faced by British women. Different groups from around the country unified to form what would later be known as the National Council of Women. Jenny Raw then spoke about her experiences with the National Council of Young Women – formed more recently – and the amazing opportunities this had afforded her. Though only eighteen, she has already addressed the organisation’s national conference, and the Commission on the Status of Women’s UN conference. As students, this was truly inspiring to hear, and helped many of us to realise that age is not a limiting factor to activism. We hope that the talk will help more people to get involved with the work that this fantastic organisation does, and we cannot emphasise enough our gratitude for this wonderful opportunity.  Ellie Cheslin Y12

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