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The Pate's Target 2.0 team - Avani Lal, Martin Oliver, Dhruv Satish and Jacquelin Tan (all Y13) - had a fantastic time at the recent finals in London. Reaching the final 6 teams from a field of 288 other schools was an incredible achievement. They spent two days in London as guests of the Bank of England. They were shown the parts of the Bank that few ever get to visit, such as the Monetary Policy Committee's meeting room and the gold vaults. They got to lift gold bars and touch £10m in freshly printed notes. They stayed at a hotel in the City and saw Billy Elliot the musical. However it was no leisure trip; the students had to present their case for monetary policy to three members of the Monetary Policy Committee and the Economics Editor at the Times Newspaper, who subjected them to rigorous questioning, in the very room that the Monetary Policy present their findings to the press. The extremely impressive team from the Perse School, Cambridge, ultimately won the competition but our team were superb. They showed incredibly accomplished economic understanding in very uncertain economic times and the judges congratulated them on their presentation skills, in particular.