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This year saw the most successful Cheltenham Cross Country Championships ever.

The minor girls (year 7) started off the proceedings with Emma Tillott leading the race from the start and retaining this position to the very end. Darcy Barton followed Emma in second place and Ali Hall passed a number of competitors to take fourth position. The minor boys appeared to all stick together with Noah Goymer taking thirty-third position, Tom Abbott close behind thirty-fifth, Matthew Winskill, forty-second, George Luck fifty-fourth, Will Tallis Sixty-second, Rafael Ben-Akin sixty-fifth and Isaac Horton seventieth. Slightly further behind Demi Yussuf came seventy-eighth, Ethan Kwok came eighty-seventh, Olba Obidon one hundredth.

All junior girls, Yasmin Thomas, Laura Brophy and Corli Moore attacked the course and completed it with a smile. For the junior boys Luke Buck ran a strong race finishing fourth, Rob Mashiter took thirty-ninth place, Oscar Godden close behind finishing forty-fourth, Rufus Northrup fifty-ninth, Iggy Padfield sixty-second and Alex O’Hara sixty-fourth.

The inter girls were a very strong pack, attacking well and finishing almost all together! Laura  McPeake held second position for most of the race, only to be picked at the post and take third, Inca Padfield had a very strong run finishing fourth, Emma Clarke almost at her side in fifth position and Emma Quekett in eighth position.  Our inter boys Matthew Long came seventeenth and Ayman Ahmed thirty-first.

Our senior team was the most numerous and most successful ever. For the boys Will Crisp held first position for the whole race, even slowing down to allow the gap between him and second place to close slightly! Joe Critchley followed Will in second place, with Joe Speak finishing a strong race in fifth positon, Tom Davies seventh, Tom Coach eighth and Xander Maciness in ninth. Andrew McPeake came a very convincing thirteenth, Sam Hardy sixteenth, Alex Dufour seventeenth and Toby Gray nineteenth.

For the senior girls Bethan Moore led the girl’s race from the start to the end, with her team mates Holly Bankes a secure second, Grace Knapp in fourth, Amelia Errington in fifth position and Jess Telford in seventh.

A big well done to all the competitors.

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