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On Saturday the 7th of March, the U15 netball team played in the May Dent Tournament held at Cheltenham Ladies College. After arriving with an early 8:30 start, we got into a good warm-up preparing themselves for a challenging day ahead.

The day started off with a game against Balcarras which was to be followed by Wycliffe. Balcarras gave a strong effort but we came away with a very convincing win. After discovering Wycliffe had not turned up, we played the B team from CLC. After a slow start, we got into the game and came away with the best win of our day.

Then, we had 3 games in a row; Dean Close, Bournside, and finally Chosen Hill. Dean Close and Chosen Hill both put out very strong teams but we all rose to the challenge and won. Bournside, a team we had previously beaten, were no match for the speed that we had down the court.

Our final group game was against Stroud High. The whole team were very pumped for this game and after a draw at half-time, we rectified a bad start and beat them by 5.

This lead us into the semi-finals where we were to play Farmors who had come second in their group. A good start encouraged a great game which again, we won, to a score of 8-4.

Being the only team to have won all of their games, we then faced Chosen Hill again in the final. The team were confident in our ability across the court and determined to win the tournament. With a half time score of 3-3, we set out for a victory.

A final score of 8-4 named us winners of the tournament.

I'd like to say thanks to Mrs Mackenzie for her amazing coaching and even more thanks to my team, who all stepped up to the challenge and made me extremely proud to have captained them throughout the years!

Alice Bradley, U15 netball captain.

Winners of the May Dent Tournament 2015.

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