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Pates U13A built on their recent PGL success at the district tournament. They started confidently with an 11-0 win over Balcarras. A close game with Tewkesbury saw both teams battling for a lead. Turnovers from Thrinethra Gowri-Shankar and Jemima Jones in mid court provided further shooting opportunities. Pates won 5-4. Convincing victories over Winchcombe and Chosen Hill allowed the team to work in various combinations. Izzy Osude using her speed to successfully convert centre passes into circle feeds,, Annie Scott at WD consistently marked her WA out of the centre pass. The final round game v Cheltenham Ladies College saw Pates step up their game as Maddie Roper and Helena Cox moved around the shooting circle effectively, putting themselves into a safe shooting position. Alice Cooper at WA provided some accurate feeds towards the post. Connie Trendell at GK denied CLC further shooting opportunities with some committed defending, linking well with Jemima Jones at GD to minimise the CLC shooters.

Pates U13B played in section B. Following their third place at PGL they were keen to continue that success, starting with a 3-2 win over The Cotswold School. Bournside was even closer in a low scoring game but still resulting in a 2-1 victory. The next game v All saints Academy saw the team converting goals accurately, Evie Davies, Nina Raghuram and Maddie Dalgliesh finding the net. Captain Millie Davies pressured the centre court, assisted by Emma Clarke at centre, both players turning the ball with tips and interceptions.

Eve Knowles Jackson, Coco Heppner and Eva Macdonald had to work closely to minimise the St Edwards shooters in the next game. Each team scoring from their centres meant that it was down to a turnover to provide the win. Lucy Day took 2 clean intercepts at GK , converted by Evie Davies to win 7-5. A 6-3 victory over Cleeve School resulted in first place for PatesU13B.

Pates U13A met Bournside in the semi final, working hard for a 10-0 win. Pates U13B met Tewkesbury in a well contested game, losing 7-4.

The final saw Pates U13A play Tewkesbury again. A change in tactics was necessary and it immediately paid off, Pates taking the lead in the first half. Tewkesbury tried to reply in the second half but some determined and composed netball from the A team saw a 7-4 win for Pates. A combined team effort, these girls work so hard and should be very proud of their performance.

Pates B have progressed throughout the season and have shown a lot of improvement. They have a  positive team spirit and really enjoy competing at a high level. Both teams are a joy to coach and I can only applaud their commitment and enthusiasm. 

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