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With the fast and furious rehearsal schedule, it has taken a little longer than usual to get the blog up and running. There is a palpable sense of excitement in the air, though whether that it is to do with the somewhat unconventional stage furniture that has emerged in the performance space in the Hall is up for discussion…

It is not the purpose of this blog to give away spoilers for what should be a different and exciting version of one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays (some scholars consider Hamlet to be the finest play ever written in the English language), but suffice it to say that, after the majority of students voted to attempt this mammoth text and vast philosophical treatise, it was a real challenge to devise a way in which all 60 actors (let alone the wonderful crew of at least ten sixth formers helping with all the vital technical demands) could be included and could bring a fresh take on a play which has become synonymous with the essence of English Literature.

And so we bring a text written 400 years ago forward to our time and, as ever, it appears just as relevant. The treatment of women, deceit, political manoeuvring, the Oedipus complex, and much, more has taken on new life in the guise of 70 sixth formers with a thirst to tell the tale anew. As ever, such enthusiasm and sheer guts are an inspiration, however crazy it actually is to attempt this mother of all plays in a 12-day timeframe from first rehearsal to last performance.

Please come and support the students at 7pm this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tickets can be booked using the ticketsource button on the parent portal page. As furious as Julius Caesar, Hamlet also gives you a three-angled perspective on the story, and although that story is longer (cut down from four hours to two hours and ten minutes of theatre), it leaves us all with just as many questions about the human condition. What could be more telling than to have these shown to us by such talented young actors?

The trailer (trailed by George Penny) is a treat and gives some idea of the violence of the plot: the subtleties of debate, and even the comedic elements, however dark, are kept for performance. 


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