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22/1/14 – first rehearsal!!!

This production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is set in the modern day in Sixth Form life, and is to be an example of promenade theatre...

more updates on this in practice will follow! As a bloody and ferocious tragedy, we anticipate vicious fighting, many heartbreaking death scenes and an inordinate volume of fake blood.

A few days after being handed parts and scripts, our first (impromptu) rehearsal went ahead – and what on earth has been going on???


George has had enough already...


Our resident Cassius, Charlie Powell, had to fight the urge to constantly pose whilst blocking our first scenes... George and Ollie enjoyed mocking this.

3 4

Netra seems to have taken to the role of task master extremely well...


All work so far has been utterly fabulous, which we hope will continue over the next two and a half weeks!

Make sure to book your tickets now on the homepage of the school website – 6th - 9th February!