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Netball U12 v Cleeve Match Report

On Wednesday 20th February, Pates U12 team played Cleeve school. We started the match feeling quite nervous, because we had no idea about what their team were like, or how well they played. From a distance their players were really tall, so we entered the first quarter having lost the toss and feeling a bit unsure about how the match ahead would turn out.

However, despite Cleeve having first centre pass, we steamed ahead with some amazing passes from Inca, Ella and Emma, and some brilliant shots from the edge of the D or practically under the net from Beth and Sophie. By the end of the quarter, we were leading 6-1.

Feeling pretty confident, we entered the next quarter. Although we had some good breakthroughs by Minnie and nice passes being fed up the pitch by Claude and Millie, we couldn’t quite keep up the pace as we had in the first quarter, and at half time it was 8-5 to Pates.

Knowing that this was a crucial quarter, we played the third as well as we could, with yet more good passing.  However, as we were about half-way through, Emma slipped and twisted her ankle. Ella bravely came on as wing defence, but at the end of the third quarter we were narrowly beating Cleeve 12-8.

In the final quarter, our team played really well, working as unit with Claude working like a machine to get the ball up to the attackers. We pulled ahead again and managed to beat Cleeve 15-10, which we were all very happy with.

We left the courts with big grins on our faces, really happy with what we had achieved and very proud of ourselves.

Written by: Delilah Knight

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