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PGL U13 A team netball match report

From Friday 1st of March 2013 to Sunday the 4th, the U13 netball A team, along with the B and C teams, travelled to Liddington in Swindon for a PGL netball tour. We were all extremely excited for the trip and most of us were packed and ready a long time before.

On the Saturday after being woken up by Mrs Furze, we ate breakfast. It was really nice and by this time we were so excited for the games ahead it was in a way, odd. After breakfast, we went to our rooms to get ready to be out on the courts at 8:45 as our first matches were just after 9:00.

The matches were going to be 5 minutes each way, with 2 halves. Our matches started off well, with us winning our first match 6-0. Our second match, against Langley was another great victory: 8-0. Thirdly, we played Brownedge, who were a team of really short year 7s! This was an even better victory of 13-0. Then, we played Newport. They were a lot tougher than the other teams, but after a well fought battle in both defence and attack, we won 4-2. After Newport, we played Stratford 1, they were yet again a good team but we conquered the match and won 7-2. That was it for the first day of matches so we went to our rooms to get ready for lunch and the PGL activities in the afternoon.

After a nice lunch, we headed out to the activity field where we could go on a 36ft zip wire or abseiling or archery or vertical challenge or a giant swing, that was scary, or even aeroball, which was a mixture of trampolining and netball! Amazing! Later on, we went to have dinner and after, we played 'ambush' which was a game similar to hide and seek but it was in the dark.

The next day, Sunday, we had more matches. We went out early to watch the C team as they had a match at precisely 9:03! We then had to wait half an hour until our first match against St. Paul's who were another year 7 team; waiting between matches was the worst part. So eventually it came to our match and Mrs Furze set us the challenge to always pass in order as she knew it would be an easy game. We all got on court ready to play and so did the opposition. The match started off well and we had possession for most of the time and when they had possession, it wasn't for long. Victory was ours yet again as the final score was 13-0. After our match against St. Pauls we waited 20 minutes for our second game against Stratford 2 which we knew would be an easy game considering we beat Stratford 1 7-2. We were right! The game was easy: we didn't lose much possession and our shooting and defence were incredible. The final score was 16-0! Then all that was left was the final. We later found out it would be against Newport and as we had beaten them before, we were aiming to beat them again and increase the score difference. We did! The Newport team were good again but we were better and after a well fought game, we beat them 9-2. We had won the tournament!

It took a while for winning to sink in but before long everyone was ecstatic! At 12:45 the PGL staff presented us with our medals and trophy and we all were happy! Then it hit us that we had to leave and go home. We all grabbed our bags and returned back to Pate's and home after an amazing netball tour that none of us wanted to leave. So after great defence, amazing centre court, and incredible shooting we left with a medal and a great memory to be treasured for a long time.

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