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U13 Netball A team vs U14 Cheltenham College


On Saturday 1st February, we played Cheltenham College U14 C team for the first half and the B team for the second half.

We continued our performance from the match on Monday and we got off to a quick solid start with solid, accurate passing and good interceptions.

The shooters (Beth T and Emily W) did a FAB job, considering the windy conditions. At half time we were well in the lead.

In the second half we played the U14 B team. Our defence pounced on their shooters and we got most rebounds. Our passing up the court followed the pattern and we kept their defence on their toes.

The final score added up from both our matches was 18-6 from both our matches. Ella H was the man of the match for her excellent use of space.

Thank you to Mrs Furze for umpiring the match and other people for organising.

Written by: Claudia Taylor


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