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Admissions to Year 7 2018

Details about the admissions arrangements can be obtained from the Admissions Office at Pate’s. Information regarding admissions arrangements are also provided to our main feeder primary schools for distribution to prospective parents.

Parents and children are warmly welcomed to one of our Open Evenings in September each year, where where will be the chance to meet the Head, staff and pupils.

Pate’s is required to operate in line with the Local Education Authority’s co-ordinated scheme for school admissions.

Pate’s is a selective school, and has only 150 places available in Year 7. To be considered for admission into Year 7 at Pate’s pupils must achieve the qualifying score in the Admissions Test organised by the school. To sit the Test parents must register their child with Pate’s – using the online registration form. Parents must also make a separate application to the Local Education Authority, using the LEA’s normal Preference Form – failure to apply through the LEA, or failure to include Pate’s as one of the ranked choices on the LEA form, will mean that a child cannot be considered for entry to Pate’s in the normal admissions round.


Pate’s is a selective school. Admission to the school has always been by competitive test. Places have always been offered to the children achieving the highest rank order scores in the Admissions Test (to include minimum standards in each part of the test).

Pate’s has been a free grammar school for the children of Cheltenham and surrounding area for over 400 years. We are very proud of that record. We want to continue to offer a particular type of academic education to very able children, whatever their background or their circumstances.

Each year places have been offered to children who score the highest marks in the Admissions Test: this means children either ranked in the top 150 places, or those from the next qualifying group who have been placed on the reserve list. We believe that this is the fairest way of allocating the limited number of places at the school.

Because we believe that our Admissions Test rank order is the only fair way of allocating places at Pate’s, only the highest scoring children will be eligible to be considered for a place at Pate’s.

All school places will be offered initially by the LEA. Places at Pate’s will be offered first, at the beginning of March, to those children amongst the top qualifying group (of 150) who have put Pate’s as their first preference school on the LEA form (or to children for whom Pate’s is the highest preference school for which they qualified) .

If there are places unfilled on March 1, those unfilled places will be offered to children:

  • Who achieved a qualifying score in the Admissions Test
  • Who were not offered a place by the LEA on March 1
  • Whose parents have requested the school to place their name on the waiting list

Offers to fill any unfilled places from the waiting list will be made by the school as soon as possible after April 1. Offers will be made strictly according to each child’s ranking in the Admissions Test.


Parents whose child has not been offered a place at Pate’s have the statutory right to use the independent appeals process – details from the Admissions Office at the school.

Sixth Form Admissions

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