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2016 was a remarkable year which saw the PPA raise more than £27,000 and then have the satisfaction of donating approximately £21,000 to School.


IT SUITE - £13,900

The refit provided for 33 new workstations in Room E106. The new computers are faster, smaller, more energy-efficient and easier to manage with much more capacity for modern programmes and multimedia.

P.E MATS - £1,600

A good number of the old P.E mats were no longer fit for purpose. We were happy to support the purchase of a new set of high-quality mats for the P.E Department and see the old ones sent down for use in the shooting range.

BOOK BUZZ - £450

Each new Y7 student is given a book they have chosen from a list. The Book Buzz scheme then provides the school with two sets of these books for the library.


Every Pate’s student uses their daily planners throughout the year to log their homework and assignments. As part of Making £nds Meet this valuable resource will now continue.


As well as replacing and developing the fiction/non-fiction collection, the Library budget pays for a range of print books and magazines as well as online resources (available on Plato and accessible from home) to support students in both their academic studies and reading for pleasure. The library budget also covers: Daily Newspapers, Author visits, Requests to the British Library for articles/books and School Library Association membership.


Previous Donations

£2,000 – School Planners

2015/2016 School Planners for every student to log their homework and assignments.

£700 – Tech Crew

This went towards new wireless spotlights for the Tech Crew to safely enhance productions and presentations in the hall. We particularly wanted to help buy these as the students had raised £560 themselves by producing and selling CDs and DVD's of school performances.

£3050 - Art Department

£1,575 was spent on a UV Light Box. This is being used by students studying photography. We have also donated £1,473 to buy 5 Panasonic cameras, 1 tripod, 2 tablets and a spotlight. These can be used by all year groups and will allow digital photography to flourish at Pate’s.

£10,300 as the final amount towards the Minibus

IMG 3080 edit comp

£10,000 towards Intelligent Lighting and a Minibus

In November £10,000, specifically from the 100 Club profits, was donated to help the Annual Fund with some of its targets. Intelligent lighting was bought for the Hall which has already transformed school productions and assemblies. Remaining funds were towards a much-needed new minibus.

IMG 5192 comp


£10,000 towards the refurbishment and expansion of Physics Lab - B114

As part of the Annual Fund 2013 -14, the school was successful with a bid made to the Wolfson Foundation to enable the refurbishment and extension of one of the phyics labs. The very generous grant of £40,000 itself was not quite enough to enable to works to be carried out so it was with great delight that we stepped in to help at short notice, by donating a further £10,000. Further details are available here.

B114 after2

                                                                     The new Physics lab

£8,000 to help equip the George and Eve Tatam Block

Business Studies and Economics and the PE Department use the new Tatam block of classrooms which opened in September 2013. We are pleased to announce the donation of £8000 to fund a set of 20 iPads together with storage and charging trolley, TV screens and wifi points for use in the new facility.



£3,000 to the PE Department

This donation has gone towards a portable sound system, atheletics vests and weights for the fitness room.

S and C 3 comp   P1040870 684x912

£25,000 ICT Classroom Refurbishment

it room 2The school has made huge strides in recent years in upgrading the IT structure, but there is more to do and, as with all IT, some of the equipment now needs to be replaced again. In Easter 2012 the Parent’s Association took great pleasure in donating £25,000 to fund the full cost of refurbishment of one of the IT classrooms. This ensures the technology continues to be fast and current, thus enhancing the education experience for all pupils across many subjects. The revamped classroom opened during the Summer Term 2012.

£900 Printing Press contribution        

The PA was delighted to contribute £900 to enable the purchase of a new printing press by the Art Department, bringing the total in the school to three. 

It significantly improves the printing facilities as large scale items can now be printed. In addition queuing times are reduced for pupils.

flipcam£900 Ten Flip Cams       

From Summer 2012 many Pate’s students will benefit from ten new Flip Cams and memory cards costing £900, funded with your donations. The school already had three similar cameras which were used daily. The flip camera is simple to use and the film is easy to transfer to the computer. 

Students use them when working with the charity committee and when preparing assemblies. They are also used in lessons, filming assessments or practical work in areas as diverse as science and languages. 

£14,000 New Minibus     

The new Pate’s minibus arrived in Spring 2011, funded entirely by a £14,000 donation from the Parents’ Association.

This is a great asset and it will serve our school for many years to come.  The purchase of the minibus was As a result this new minibus now has the opportunity to benefit every child in the school.

£14,000 Grand Piano contribution 

pianoIn 2011 the school has recently replaced its tired and ageing piano with a fantastic new one. The old piano was over 100 years old and served many talented pupils and staff well over the years.

The music department ran a hugely successful campaign to raise funds for the £23,000 new piano and the PA were delighted to be able to give a donation of approximately £14,000 towards the cost of the new instrument. As a result, the music department were able to obtain a better model and much more quickly than had been anticipated.

Once again your support has made a difference and will go on to benefit Pate’s students for many, many years to come.