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  • Sixth Form Play reviews & tickets
  • Student safety awareness
  • Orchestral Concert – Tuesday 10th February @ 7pm
  • Valentine’s Mufti day - Friday 13th February
  • Lost Property on display Tues 10th – Thurs 12th February

I had the privilege of watching the first night of ‘Hamlet’ performed by Pate’s sixth formers last night. Every member of the audience was enthralled as the play in three parts, with three casts, was performed with such pace and intensity, culminating in some truly action-packed and unforgettable scenes. There is still chance to buy a ticket for Friday or Saturday night, via the school website (here) – you will not be disappointed!

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Some of you will be aware from the report in the local news (report here) that one of our sixth form students was attacked (in the Leckhampton area of town) on his way to school this week. The police are continuing their investigation and fortunately such incidents are rare, but I would like to share some advice about keeping safe. Students are made aware about how to stay safe as part of our school curriculum, but we will be talking to students about this again to remind them. It would be helpful if parents could reiterate the advice, as follows:-

• Avoid being out alone, especially after dark, and stay in well-lit areas;
• Avoid any type of confrontation or groups hanging around;
• Stay alert to what is happening around you – having headphones in makes you vulnerable and also indicates to others that you have something worth stealing;
• Don’t walk along the street using / displaying your mobile phone;
• Someone should always know where you are and you should always have a plan of how you are getting home;
• Keep handy phone numbers, for example a taxi firm, should you need it;
• Use your common sense and never be afraid to ask a responsible adult for help, or dial 999 if you are in any doubt.

Calendar Update:
Orchestral Concert – Tuesday 10th February @ 7pm in the hall. Payment on the door - £5 for adults and £3 for students, to listen music by Wagner, Corelli, Bach, Brahms and Fauré.
This Friday 13th February is mufti day and the Charity Committee will be organising Valentine’s Day fundraising events in aid of Alzheimer’s UK. Students should bring £1 to wear red or pink (or £1.50 for plain clothes). Students can send Serenade-o-grams (bookable in the Refectory at break and lunchtimes Monday to Wednesday) and there will be goodies on offer to buy. We would be grateful if you could remind students to bring some change into school so that they can join in the fun.

Lost Property collected this term will be put on display this week from Tuesday 10th to Thursday 12th February in the lost property room for students and parents to browse and look for anything they might have lost. Any items of lost property which are not claimed will be disposed of. (Students have already been notified to collect all named items and should check their emails.)

Yours sincerely

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Russel Ellicott
Head Master