Pate's Summer Examination Results

With all the debate in the media about falling grades this year, I thought it would be helpful to summarise the position at Pate's Grammar School.

We bucked the national trend, with our hard-working, talented students securing the best ever results for GCSEs and A Levels! Sincere thanks to all our teaching and pastoral support staff, ably supported by the exam team, who have worked so tirelessly to enable our gifted young people to secure the best possible exam outcomes. School has been full of happy faces, as our students celebrated their grades and the wonderful future opportunities – in education and future employment – to which these results give them access. Well done all!

Highlights from the provisional data we have so far are as follows:


  • the number of A and A* grades awarded rose to 89% of all exams taken (from 88% last year)
  • A* grades were 55.7% of all grades awarded (from 53.9% in 2011)

A Level

  • At AS level our results were very similar to the excellent 2011 cohort. The A% was down by 1% to 66.5%, but the B% increased to 19.2%.
  • At A2, however, while nationally the proportion of A*/A grades awarded fell from 27% last year to 26.6% this summer, at Pates these awards increased by 2% to approx 77%.
  • The main measure in league tables is A*- B, and these are also the grades most Pate's students need for their university places. Here, too, we saw an increase, from 92% to 95%.
  • These results mean that the overwhelming majority of our students have secured the results they needed to progress to the most appropriate institution for them, either in the UK or overseas. For the first time one of our students will be studying at Harvard (having turned down a Cambridge offer), and 28 of his classmates will be going on to either Oxford or Cambridge (compared to 24 last year).
  • At the time of writing there remain a handful of students (approx 10) whom pastoral staff are helping to secure University places, having just missed their offers.

Russel Ellicott